I’m Back Baby!

Thought you could escape did you? Ha!

After a brief sojourn without the internet while I tried to get my life back together, I am back online and with a new blog. I had to change as the old one shared its name with a larger, more successful and better blog/site. It was also not what I had in mind for my continued ‘web-presence’. The old one is still up with all the old posts you know and love but this will be my new home. All the usual gripes, complaints and canonisation will be present as well as a few other things.

During my time back in Manchester I have actually been ‘Hella’ busy but while sleeping on sofas and such I have had time to think and more importantly time to plan. Yes you see, I have plans. BIG plans. These will be explained and unfold in due course. My adventures in the last 2 months will also (as you probably guessed) be documented on here soon but in the meantime I’m just dropping by to say Hi and Welcome! it is good to be back and I hope you will all continue to ignore this blog in the same manner as the previous. But, y’know, WHATEVER.

The title, by the way, is from a poem I wrote. More on that to come.

Hope you are all well, speak to you again soon.



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