Nice Guys Finish Last with a penalty fine and 4 year ban…

*this post will contain strong language continuously. if you don’t like it; I don’t give a shit*

Right! First proper post and I am reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally fucking angry.

This whole year so far has consistently and repeatedly taught me what stupid twats nice people are and how no matter how decent, upstanding, helpful, kind or generous you are you are going to get butt-fucked by some total douchebag who won’t give a shit about you and happily go about living his life being awesome and not even feeling the slightest pinch from Karma.

For the last two days at work I have received a non-stop – and I mean this – NON-FUCKING-STOP barrage of complaints and not a SINGLE one about me, my conduct or an error of mine. Yet every single one I am, for some stupid fucking reason, now accountable for. For instance a guy got his prints sent to the wrong address. The woman who got them said she’d post them back. She didn’t. Not only did I NOT fuck the job up in the first place it’s not my fault the woman didn’t post them back. Now, because I answered the CUNTING phone, this is my fault and the fact we have had to reprint the order is on my head because – and I quote – “You’re the one dealing with it”. Bull-fucking-shit. Another woman complained about her prints saying we’d done them wrong. I said we didn’t. This went round in a circle. I eventually conceded to the patronising bitch we would do  A TEST ORDER OF A COUPLE OF PRINTS to check what the problem was. She put through an order for £200. I have repeatedly told her since she placed this order I am not refunding it. She wouldn’t take no for an answer and is now saying I entered into a verbal contract with her and we owe her every penny. Our company isn’t going to pay it so basically either I pay for it out of my own fucking pocket or we get sued. What arbitrary fucking silliness. A check bounced because some twat didn’t know his account had been frozen. I made a note to ring him back when the check comes back. The note got lost. That would be my sodding fault again then would it? RIGHT!

They are just 3 examples from the last two days. I must have dealt with 50 more because no other fucker will take responsibility. I was actually marching up to my manager to tell him I wasn’t coming in tomorrow or ever again and he can take my wages and give them to that self-righteous bitch, when my colleague grabbed me and said he’d deal with the guy I was talking to at the time while I calmed down.

Is this ringing any bells with anyone? Certain gestures of goodwill backfiring? Like, say, ooooh, I dunno QUITTING MY JOB, MOVING HOUSE, SELLING TREASURED POSSESSIONS, MOVING TO ANOTHER FUCKING COUNTRY for someone who just stomped on both sides of my face when it all fucked up anyway! I’m beginning to get it now.

Someone needs to call the bible bashers out on this one. I am fully aware life is hard, I am not so naive as to think Life should be a walk in the park and I can cope with problems when they are beyond my control (death, tragedy, poverty, bullying, heartache) but when you are ACTUALLY BEING A GOOD PERSON AND TRYING TO HELP ANOTHER HUMAN BEING why-oh-fucking-why do people take this as a sign of weakness?!?! Honestly! I want to know!

So in short, nice guys finish last. Thanks for clarifying the rules to me world. You know, I thought after the cracked skull, inflamed cartilage, stone in my eye, broken nose, ripped clothing, verbal abuse and general loneliness of school, Life might be a little easier. Surely, karma owed me big. Nope. Apparently not. So my conclusion to all the above evidence is this; Hence forth, I shall be the biggest Cunt in the world and most surely, I will be rich, healthy, respected and loved because apparently NOBODY calls these assholes who live like this out on this.

Yeah, yeah, “whine whine, the world’s against me. You don’t know what real problems are lad, etc, etc”. Bollocks. “Beware the fury of a patient man” Blake said and I have been more than sodding patient with everyone who has taken advantage of me. I’ve been Ned diddly-fucking-Flanders, well tough shit now people. Now I’m Nelson Muntz.

You can read this to the police after the murders begin…


3 thoughts on “Nice Guys Finish Last with a penalty fine and 4 year ban…

  1. you sound a very angry young man who hates his job. me, two years ago, in other words.

    pack in the job, go live with a friend, unplug the phone and get writing.

    i backed your work on Authonomy, by the way.

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