2010: A funny old year.


Well, 2010 I can’t say you were a great year but you weren’t exactly awful either. At the very least you were eventful. I honestly can’t think of a great deal to say about it as most people who read this will know what kind of year this has been for me but in no particular order;

The Cons –

  • Amsterdam. Of this we do not speak.
  • Certain infallibly stupid, childish, selfish and unpleasant young ladies of whom we also do not speak.
  • Bills
  • The frankly abhorrent engineering of a coup d’etat by the (I believe) genuinely evil Conservatives and their shameless money grabbing allies the Liberal Democrats
  • Broken Rib
  • Moustache-Gate
  • Being Deaf in one ear for the last 3 weeks
  • Bacterial Infection and the Flu at the same time
  • Various ‘Issues’ at work
  • Customers who should really get things in perspective and stop BLAMING ME FOR THEIR ERRORS


Which, to be honest, are outweighed (in number at least) by;

The Pros –

  • The MASSIVE outpouring of help and sympathy I got after Amsterdam
  • The month of September.
  • A (different and infinitely nicer) certain lovely young lady
  • That gig in St Peter’s Square
  • The Fleishmans Wedding
  • James.S, Nicola, James.C, Toby, Josh and Victoria’s patience, hospitality and friendship without which this year would have been a lot worse.
  • Matt&Phreds blues nights
  • Discovering a real passion for poetry and printing my own Pamphlet and getting published in a ‘Zine.
  • Twin Peaks Night in Leeds
  • My Flat!
  • My letter and hug from Ed Harcourt
  • Photographing Lucky Soul at the BBC
  • Various day trips including Cromford and Saddleworth Moors
  • Sad I know but I really like my xBox

But I think the best thing about this year is the thing I am most proud of myself for. When a whole life I had laid before me collapsed utterly and the girl I was intending to do this with did what that ghost does at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark (and actually insulted my Mum on Facebook, I kid you not), I was, to say the least, a little lost. A lot of people came out in support for me and offered nothing but comfort and help which I greatly appreciate but I really didn’t quite know where to turn next. That kind of thing you can only really figure out yourself no matter how much support you get but when I got my old job offered back I decided to head back to where I’d come from and essentially ‘left behind’ and from there not only got straight back on the horse but learnt to ride better – if you can follow that metaphor. Instead of just going back and settling into the routine again I think I have actually achieved more than I would have had any of this not happened. It seems a little arrogant to do an end of year list and say “My favourite thing about this year was ME” but I don’t care. I get a lot of stick for being miserable, grumpy, too quiet, boring and so on but I have tried to pack more into the last two-thirds of this year than a lot of people have in the last decade and I am proud of that. I think I am a much better, stronger human being and character after this year so in that way it has been very good.

Unfortunately the beginning being so horrendous and this last month being pretty darn unpleasant are nasty little bookends to an otherwise positive and upbeat year. I can’t really ignore these as my rib hurts, I’m still deaf and I don’t have a drum kit anymore but they can at least be masked. My hope is for the future, as it should be for everyone. The past is the past and cannot be changed, I am hoping the new year will bring even better things than the last and I intend to follow-up on things I have begun this year. So bring on 2011!

I’ve been asked what to make of this decade as well but too much has happened in 10 years, it would take volumes to fill my thoughts on it and would read like a  soap opera anyway. In short the last 10 years was when I found out who I am and when I lost my Father. I need say no more than that I think.

I will do a post on my plans for the New Year in the New Year but until then, have a Happy New Year’s Eve and a very healthy, wealthy and happy 2011. And let’s see if we can’t unseat the Tories while we’re at it. 😉

See. He thinks it’s a good idea.


2 thoughts on “2010: A funny old year.

  1. Glad you’re feeling positive. I hope things continue to improve for you, and don’t forget to work on that thing… you know.

    Happy New year, and I hope you have chocolate buttons.


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