Paris in the Spring

…isn’t a myth. I have discovered.

My girlfriend and I went on holiday to Paris and for the first time I actually took my camera abroad. I am very happy with the results so I thought I’d share.

A few notes on my photography. I use film and don’t use a flash as I am determined to plough my own furrow photographically and whilst I am frequently told my photography isn’t a professional quality, these days I couldn’t be happier with that description. I am (slowly) getting the hang of photography enough to take photos that capture the moment I wanted to capture the way I saw it. These days I am able to manage that. After having worked in ‘the industry’ for a while and met a lot of ‘professionals’ I have long since decided not to pursue it as a career as A). I wouldn’t want to be a Photoshop Artist, I’d want to be a photographer and B). I don’t want to be a massive cock. Almost every succesful/famous photographer I have met (and I’ve met quite a few now) have been giant egotistical, arrogant pricks and that’s not who I am.

Anyway, they’re aren’t pin-sharp, they are gloomy and they are grainy but they are also MINE. I hope you like them too.

By Night



She’ll kill me for that one but I love this picture

That last one epitomises why I take photos. To capture that light on that object/person, at that moment. These are all high res too so you are welcome to download any of these you wish if you like them. Thanks!


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