Yes, there’s love if you want it

My political voice is normally quite loud and I don’t normally have a problem expressing it (see me publishing an entire Poetry Chapbook against the Tory ‘won’ election, still available, order now, beat the rush) but I honestly can’t get my head round this little planet I call home at the moment. We roam around like little ants, unaware of the giant swords of Damocles dangling all about, barely attentive of the fact we are all clinging to a rock hurtling through space at thousands of miles an hour and we waste this wonderful time in this wonderful place doing … what? I just don’t understand and it upsets me greatly.

I can express this in the only way I know how. I don’t normally post my poetry on here as I have a whole other blog for that here but felt these needed an airing. I wrote them last night as I lay restless in bed. Don’t read any political bias into these, that is not my intention.

A Young Man Died

A young man died, we’re not sure why
But it put out a hue and cry
To disenfranchised, lost young souls
To stoke the fire with angry coals
Before the ink had even dried

Gave them reasons yet more sly
So that in the blink of an eye
‘Retaliation’ sounds the toll.
The Reason? Shaking like a foal,
A young man died.

So hearsay and rumour all try
To find out if the end is nigh
As people board themselves in holes
To guard against the sweeping shoals.
Ask, how did these flames climb so high?
A young man died.


The rod that whipped the skin from all our backs
The weed that nettles up from darkened earth
Are words too nice, too clean, too kind to track
The seed of malcontent that now gives birth
To waves of hatred and the loss of joy.
Well may they scream and shout and piss and moan
But this empty cry will only destroy
And leave them homeless, lost and alone…

Good is not empty or hollow of fist,
Its deep with compassion, heavy with truth.
Right is not shallow or thieving or quick,
It’s slow in the waiting for our lost youth.

Maybe the right reasons or the wrong words,
It seems that ‘Stop’ is the one that’s least heard.


Stay safe everyone and be sensible.


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