I Dun Anutha Wun

Yes. Anyone who knew me a year ago will know that I wrote and published my own Poetry Chapbook to voice my contempt about our current “Government”. A few people read it and it garnered a little (a very little) interest from Manchester locals and underground/online ‘Zines. But that was a year ago when I was single, poor and needed some sort of objective or mental sustenance, whereas NOW I’m… well, … err… Single, poor and in need of some objective or mental … sustenance… Wait a minute…

Yes, well. So here it is! My second. I used the same printers as last time and paid for it myself again (God knows, no one will publish me) but it is slightly different to the former. It has a card cover and thinner inner paper, it is also shorter. I designed the cover and did the page layouts again as well. Overall I’m much happier with this one, it feels more like a traditional poetry chapbook, I also think  my poetry has come some way since the first one. This may be shorter than the last but I think it has more content.

The main reason being that this one has no political leaning (as far as I’m aware). I have always enjoyed dreaming, and sleep in general, and find it a source of great inspiration, particularly in writing. Without realising it I found I had written quite a few dream based poems in my note-book. Not intentionally but merely because at times of trouble (mother mary comes to me) I seem to find solace in sleep and, as has been hypothesised, dreams are a way of working through problems so when I write about life and such I cannot help but return to my dreams for certain feelings. Putting this into words or as a metaphor/concept is different but for some reason my brain tends to wander toward the idea of sleep being like diving underwater, all Victorian diving bells and suits, copper-red with salty rust and dripping luminous green seaweed. As such I noticed most of these poems likened sleep and dreaming to the sea in this way, so I put them together.

Whilst this may sound like a ‘concept’… …well… that’s because it is. Chapbooks traditionally had an overall concept prior to the rather modern creation of a ‘Concept Album’ and had some sort of overall narrative or at least a theme. I don’t pretend it is particularly profound but it is personal, certainly more so than the last one. Yes – I did it for myself, No – I’m not a great poet but if you’re interested I have about 90 or so for anybody that wants them. Just let me know.

If they’ll have them again I’ll put it in the libraries and around town again but I hope people may put some ‘orders’ in for them. Please repost, retweet, regurgitate, etc. I hope you like it.

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