Time is Ever Present

This is going to be one of those dull ‘update’ posts. Sorry.

So the last few months have been pretty mental: Gigging every week, poetry club, pamphlet launches, various extended nights out, house parties, stag parties, weddings, etc. Since quitting my job in August, it’s been pretty non-stop and I can’t complain, it’s certainly been a good laugh but I am currently writing this amongst piles of tat and boxes whilst taking a break in packing. Yes, due to not having a job for four months, strangely enough my impoverished state has caught up with me so I am having to move into my friend’s spare room till I get my shit together.

I am unhappy about this for a multitude of reasons but the chief among them is I hate mooching off people and yet I always seem to end up doing it through my own idiotic whims. As such I am resolved to remain in this situation for as little a time as possible. I need a job and my own place again and soon. I need to stop being a fucking dinosaur.

Therefore I am being strict with myself and halting the various distractions I have overly indulged in of late so I can put myself in the position that forces me to get a job and so on. So: No more nights out, no more gigs (unless they’re paid (unlikely)), no eating out or takeaways, saying no and sticking to it when people ask me out for meals etc, no “treats” like gallery tickets, cinema trips, books, music, computer games, etc and DEFINITELY less Twitter. Twitter is incredibly useful but is a constant distraction when you’re stuck indoors on your own. I am also allowing myself the two hours of poetry club on a Thursday as this is constructive and less of a frivolity but no drinks after anymore. In short this is because I actually can afford none of these things and can’t let people pay for them for me but also because I need to grow up and stop trying to live like a teenager, I didn’t like being a teenager the first time round. This sadly means (as I slowly approach 30) I need to hunker down with another 9 to 5 and a smaller, probably shared, flat so I can focus on writing and actually make a proper stab at that. Christmas is around the corner too so I need to save what little money I can for that too.

Hopefully there will be some sort of turnaround soon and I can get things back to normal in the new year. Would like to say thanks to all my pals up here for making being unemployed a lot more enjoyable and strangely productive but, as they say, all good things…

Have a good December everyone and I’ll see y’all in the new year. If I don’t do a post before then have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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