“There’s No Need To Be Afraid…”

…May well be the creepiest opening line of a song ever but you see where I’m going with this.

So I wrote this the week before Christmas in an attempt to feel cheery and Christmassy. It didn’t entirely work but I do quite like it nonetheless. I tried to avoid using any obvious or well-known Christmas references (or use the word itself). Anyway. Merry Christmas.

An’ that.


24th Dec

Sat in flickering firelight

I kneel beside the tree

To see what He has brought


As I gain more in height

I don’t ask for any trains

but in flickering firelight


I feel an aching draught

that lends me age, sleepless traits

that sees what He has brought.


I cared less for tinsel, thought

I now had all my treats

not in flickering firelight


dimmed by cynicism, caught

but argued false, trite,

didn’t see what I’d been bought.


Now paper tearing up my sight

amongst family, trikes,

sat in flickering firelight:

“Let’s see what He has brought…”


It’s a villanelle in trochaic tetrameter (I think) if anyone’s keeping score.

Happy New Year.




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