All Change for 30


So as you may or may not know I turned thirty at the beginning of this month. Typically this was a time to take stock and reappraise a few things. What this revealed, in sharp relief, was that I think Manchester and I have come to the end of our time together.

I moved here in 2007 and I do not say this lightly: The years in between now and then have been my most formative. It is only now I feel I know who I am and what I want to do with my life and almost all of that was done here. I love Manchester dearly and am sorry to leave the place but the fact of the matter is, I have nothing to keep me here anymore. I have no job keeping me here, various creative outlets are (whilst enjoyable) only occasional and don’t pay, my room (whilst fantastic and cheap) is not a permanent residence and has the worst flatmate in history, work up here is scarce (we’ll come back to that), most of my friends have either moved on or away and whilst the friends I do have here are great, a lot of them have their own grown up lives that cannot be there to entertain the unemployed scrub. But most of all I have been completely unlucky in the dating game up here. My main relationship I had whilst here was with a girl living in Kent who had to travel and the only other relationship ended so acrimoniously I basically lost a lot places to go and acquaintances. Again I love the North and its populace but I feel like the Tories and pits of old, I have mined it of all its main worth to me so I’m ripping its guts out and leaving you to fend for yourselves. Or something I’m fairly certain I shall return however…

So what’s next? Well in the immediate future I have my super amazing jaunt to America in September which is going to be pretty fantastic by the looks of it but after that it looks like I will be heading for the big smoke of London. Now anyone who knows me will know this sounds like gross hypocrisy. And it is. I absolutely HATE our capital, not because its a horrible place but because its populace are rude, unpleasant, self-important dicks and its identity is equally self-important. The fact it is basically the only centre for industry and work for the whole of England frankly disgusts me. Having lived in the ‘provinces’ so long and observed the cold disinterest of the capital to every other city or town outside of it I have nothing but contempt for its self-obsessed indulgence. Unfortunately this also means its the place to go for work and particularly my chosen field of career, and probably also a liveable working wage. In short, yes I will be moving there but expect an awful lot of online chatter from me about how much I hate the stupid fucking place and its city boy twats.

My other rationale is that it is nearer my family in Kent and it will be easier to get back up North and down South quicker and cheaper so I can spend less time and money keeping up with family and friends. Who knows though? As people keep suggesting I may never come back from the states (this is unlikely but its an exciting thought) so there could be all sorts of changes ahead.

So that’s it really. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone I’ve met here in Madchester for all your help and support through the rough times and the good. Its still an amazing place and I would recommend everyone live here instead of London, largely because the water’s better. I’m hoping to be gone by the end of the month so if anyone wants to meet up before I go let me know but I’m going to have a pretty busy schedule between now and then so get in quick. Like I said, its here that coaxed me into being the person I am and that’s down to all the friends I’ve had here and all the really fun and cool things I’ve done. Its been a great 7 years and I shall never forget it. I’ll be back to visit, you can be sure and I’ll certainly let you know when I am. In the meantime I’ve got two weeks to get my affairs in order so I’d better get cracking!

…Said Stephen Blackpool.


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