Stuff I’ve Made

 Welcome to the page where I sell stuff that I have made. Click the images below and they will take you to the relevant payment page or file.

Thank you in advance for purchasing my tat.


Good Morning Mr. Magpie – LP

My 3rd full length album. Recorded at home all over the world onto tape, iPhone, dictaphone, pro condenser mics and pro tools with some of my amazingly talented friends (also available on Spotify/Tidal etc).


Twoday – EP

A five track Blues Rock EP of originals I wrote, recorded and released in two days, hence the title.

coverfinal copy

He Hath Made Me Glad

My 2nd studio LP. Recorded at Blueprint Studios in Salford it is a solo outing featuring just myself, my piano and guitar singing Blues both old and new. (Also available on Spotify)


Her Smile

My first studio album recorded with my band at BigSqueak Studios in Kent. All original material very much influenced by the pop sounds of the sixties and mid nineties. (Also available on Spotify)

My first three poetry pamphlets as pdfs. Downloadable for free, links below.


Giant: A narrative written in heroic verse telling a tandem tale of two titans. May require an inventive sitting position to finish…


In Blissful Dreams: A shorter collection of poems about dreams and dreaming.


At the End of Days: A protest pamphlet written in the wake of the 2010 UK election. It collects some of my favourite poems from the time and a few voicing my distaste for the political landscape at the time.

(These are free to download but can also be purchased as physical books. They are in a very limited amount and pricey as they will include postage but there is a special price of £15 for all three incl. postage. Click here for details.)

If you bought anything from this page:

Thank you!

Every purchase helps support my cocaine, whores and chocolate habit.

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