Standard End of Year Post: 2011

Yeah, everybody does it but whatever.

To be honest this year hasn’t been anything special, it had its highs and lows undeniably but there were no titanic shifts like last year (a good thing in many ways). My main gripe with this year is I really don’t feel like I accomplished anything. I have “done stuff” but don’t have a great deal to show for it. All in all, merely an underwhelming year personally. A ‘Coast’ as Dad would say…


This year globally has been out and out bizarre. You need only read any of today’s newspapers or next month’s magazines to realise how spectacularly weird or just down right awful this year has been for most. What with mass murderers, raging unemployment, nuclear meltdown, financial meltdown and Russell Brand & Katy Perry separating this year has been a doozy. The list is far too long to go into and there are plenty better places to get that information so I will instead say that my particular highlight was the end of News of The World and low point (personally) was the riots, poor show Manchester.

Okay so my ACTUAL goods and bads of the year:

Cons –

  • Work work work work work
  • Dave
  • Being made single yet again
  • Bills
  • Dave
  • My ‘chat’ with Edgar Wright on Twitter
  • The crippling anxiety that stopped me doing anything with my poetry pamphlet
  • LOTS of rejections and or complete screaming apathy
  • …And Dave

Pros –

  • Josh and Vic’s wedding!
  • A fun day in September
  • New Drum Kit!
  • My ‘Chat’ with Edgar Wright on Twitter
  • Making my second poetry pamphlet
  • Getting my new guitar and learning to play a bit better
  • Arkham City (seriously, loved that game)

That’s the best I got. Not the rollercoaster/soap opera I’m used to of recent years but hey, I’m fit and well and have a roof over my head for the new year which is more than a lot of people can say at this time of year so bring on 2012, see what she has to offer. I don’t really do new years resolutions, there are things I hope to accomplish next year but I can say that at any time so lets just say there’s stuff I need to do in the next couple of months. Nothing too exciting but I will keep you updated. I CAN say there will definitely be another pamphlet, though that will be the last one for a while I think.

I will end by saying a big thank you to all my friends and family who, as usual, have put up with all my grumps and sulks throughout the year and got me through to the other side with a minimum of fuss. Lots of love to you all and have a good time this evening and an excellent 2012. Merry Christmas.

I’ll leave you with some pics from my year:

See you next year!